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We started by converting 300 years old house into our family home. During the restoration process, we realized that the house is a little too big for a family of four and decided to turn it into a boutique hotel.


Clive is a passionate designer and an inventor. He wakes up in the middle of the night with the words: “Ewrika! I know what shall we do in this corner or on that wall” or “I know how to use my grandmas’ Zinger sewing machine”.  It is a stand for a rock-cut sink in one of the suites now. Clive goes where the imagination leads him and lets himself be guided by instinct, in complete freedom and independence, without orders or deadlines.


That is why it took nearly five years to bring it from ruins to a place you can call home.

Liudmila is actually certified auditor, but decided to change her “boring” routine to a more adventurous walk of life. She is the one who is writing these lines, ordering luxury logo embroider bed linen from Portugal and organizing delivery of Italian designer furniture to Malta. Liudmila managed to fit in lift and staircase in the old house structure (after architect and draftsman said it’s impossible). She will be replying to your emails, confirming your reservations and making sure you won’t miss any worth visiting place of interest in Malta.


Next to our love for design and interior, Clive has a huge passion for good food. Almost all the products used for his recipes and in our daily life are from the local farmers, neighbours' gardens, fishermen and organic markets.


He loves experimenting with the wood-burning oven and makes real delicacies from a simple homemade food. He will not impress you will silver service, but definitely will with traditional Maltese and Italian dishes, Mediterranean Sea creatures and ever-fresh local products.

Where the name Lulu came from? We will gladly share this story with you over a glass of welcome drink.

As we love to share our home and food with other people, family and friends, we open our doors to you. We hope you appreciate all the details and enjoy your time at Lulu. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a nice trip to the land of our waking dreams!
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